A food critic to be

She has super sensitive taste buds.


Some of the latest paintings from jan-mar 2015

Dressing as a Minnie, she really wants to make friend with the mousy family. 

A director that constructs his own plays.

An avid sketcher.

An aspiring green thumb.



the trial

"Yes, you are absolutely right!
I do have sweet tooth.
But i NEVER took and ate your lollipop!!!"


Planning a trip

this is never my strength....


The special one

'Senior Hen, what should i do with this kid of mine? Unlike his siblings, he never scratches the soil for worms, never learns to crow, never fights.... He just sits like that the entire day, with a pencil scribbling on the paper. His papa has even given up on him...My clan said that he is an alien.... '


Suspect spotted now!

Quick! Quick! Call the police now!


What have I done in mar 2014???

 open a bookshop?
 form a circus?
Crying the heart out?
Flying in the wind?