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#Throwback of Taiwan Trip 2015

Taiwan trip was awesome indeed - the breathtaking sceneries, yummy local food & snacks, the heartwarming people and the rich cultures are the memories that are going to stay in my heart and soul for good!
We spent 9 days in total (excluding the departure day of heading back home) from Taipei --> Taitung ----> Green Island ---> JiaoXi------> Taipei.

Maokong was the 2nd place we dropped by after the visit to Memorial Hall upon arrival in Famosa. Took the crystal cable car in which we could access to the views that was directly underneath our feet. It was an incredible feat to someone being scared of height like me! We had have a long lunch at one of the bistros up there. Less crowd, nice setting, good food with great tea to go along with ;).

Later in the evening, we went to the Taipei Main Railway Station again to refund the two tickets purchased in the morning for the next day trip from Taipei to Sin Zuo Ying and then transfer train to Taitung. My resourceful Mr Tan was really fantastic! He managed to get two plane tickets to directly fly us from Taipei SongShan Airport to Taitung, by which it only took us about an hour. Otherwise we might have jolly 5-hour good time rocking ourselves on train.

Just upon our arrival at Taitung, I had fallen in love with this great place instantly i could say. The life there is laid back. Locals are friendly. Food is delicious and cheap! What impressed me the most was the sceneries and the aboriginal art & their culture. They have used simple materials which can be found around us to create amazing art pieces!!! The people there really enjoy doing hands-on work as well such as making doll.

Not everything was wonderful though! i had caught a stomach flu bug the first day we set foot on Green Island. Actually we are still clueless as to what i had eaten that had made me suffer through the whole night, since the very same food went into the tummy of Mr Tan's and mine!!!!

Fortunately after a good rest for a night, I was back to enjoying the life on Green Island! Loved the owners and their staff at the resort we stayed for 3 nights. Their dreams and lifestyles really inspire me to be continually passionate about my life and appreciate the people i love. it was a luxury indeed to have scenic sea view just right in front of our eyes at every waking moment!


Hotsprings were one of the attractions we wanted to visit  JiaoXi. Everywhere is the hotels and resorts offering hotspring services. There are free-of-charge springs that you could just put your legs in and enjoy the people-watching at leisure and in the meantime savouring the local snacks and bubble tea. The town is not as big as Taipei but totally loved the coziness and intimacy this place had offered us in terms of scales, people and food. And, at Nan-Ao, we had tried the Cold Spring that was incredibly cool and refreshing!
Though we spotted hotspring hotels and eateries everywhere in JiaoXi, there was a great place that engaged our attention and encouraged the interaction between the installation and tourists.- three telephone booths with different furniture and setting inside. I couldn't help but keep having fun doing pretend play with the props!!!

Taitung, we'll be back again, definitely!!!!


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