Suspect spotted now!

Quick! Quick! Call the police now!


What have I done in mar 2014???

 open a bookshop?
 form a circus?
Crying the heart out?
Flying in the wind?


drawings from jan-feb 2014

 'Something's new on the menu! It's the plastic fish.'

 She is still learning.

 My treasure map.

While mommy is having her beauty nap.


Sketches done in Sep 2013

Time flies! Today is 1st day of October.
Most of the days in September were spent on traveling in Amsterdam, Belgium and Regensburg. Miss the wonderful time of exploration and sketching in those foreign areas.



The Gladiators

They just came back from Rome.

Bday card for old friend

 The front

Inside the card


Some of the work done in July and Aug

Added some colours to the old mini table lamp with one of my favourite children stories - Red Riding Hood.
The big bag wolf turned out to be a fox!

 Made the 3 musketeers out of clay -

 Made this bday card for my sis-in-law who just had fun celebrating her bday 3 days ago ;) -

 Another bday card for my niece whose bday is coming pretty soon -


having fun

enjoyed doing it. It's like revising my childhood (yeah i know part of it was just my imagination on what my ideal playground would be like).
Now it is mounted on the wall @ my dinning area.
Got another piece to go.. probably will have circus theme that was always a great family outing with my parents and siblings.