I have been trying to find out what drawing technique suits me the best. so i have started out by trial and error with different mediums and techniques. and of course, i have used up a lot of drawing books of different materials. (this really made me not very environmental friendly).
From these two drawings that i copied from one pic book on kids' room, i began to know that detailed colouring (the first one) definitely does not work for me. It was a painful process for me to paint with fine strokes. At first i would colour very carefully and patiently. But at the later stage, i have lost my patience and the stroke became wild and rough. Whereas the second drawing which is freer and bold in colour does work better for me. ;) I enjoyed more while doing the second one. You can tell that it is more me inside the drawing!! From there, it also comes to me that i can express better with water colour and ink!!

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