Sarah Grierson

Who is this lady?

She is the one who has inspired me a great deal.
She is a retired teacher living near a harbor in the States. Despite suffering from Parkinson disease, she is very innovative. Though she lives on meagre living, she is very good at turning others' garbage into creative innovation - old boat oars to the curtain rods, bedsprings to candle holders..etc. She is also good at doing Trompe-l'œil (art technique involving extremely realistic imagery in order to create the optical illusion).

Seeing potential in the "treasures" the seas leaves behind and with her "green thumb", she has successfully turned her small cottage into a beautiful cosy home which features the 'sea' theme. Whoever wanting to visit her cottage will definitely receive her reception and her big smile, as she wants to share her conviction : everybody can do something original with his or her living environment. Everybody (including you and me) is capable to make our living environment better place to live ;) Limited resources cannot hinder us from being creative and fun.

p.s: She should be featured in "Chicken soup for the Soul".

Medium :marker pens

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