Meow meow... i am hungry

Pulled this little deco up from:
1) a tiny soap box - given by my friend
2) dead white coral - collected from krabi beach 3 years ago, and is sticked to the box with white tac
3) strings of fish - my own creation recycled from scrap paper, and
4) kitty - bought from a night market.
Will it be able to get the fish or fall into the river? What a hungry kitty...


Pea said...

Thats so preety and cute too !A great way to express your ideas in a 3D style !

Owl Eng said...

Thanks Pea!!

yoon see said...

I love your style here.
You are such a multi-talent artis Owl Eng:):)
Your craftworks are as good as your artworks.
Keep it up!
Make me come back often to rediscover your talent!!!

Owl Eng said...

Hi Yoon See, thanks for your encouragement!! it really makes my day ;)