my B'day

Today is my birthday. Instead of making myself a b'day card, i had created the image below in photoshop.. probably i was too obsessed with halloween or too in love with pumpkin soup. ;p

34 now....thank God for His Grace and Love that i am still able to kick and hop around, able to laugh loud and live the life to the fullest everyday...
My mum had gone through very tough labour before i finally popped out from her womb. She was in pain for 3 days!!! I want to thank God that i have been blessed with such a wonderful mum who has been loving us unconditionally and is always there for me... I also want to say a big 'Thank You' to my hubby, brother, sis-in-law and my little sis for their warm wishes and nice treats & gifts...
Last but not least, a big hug and thank to all of my friends who had spent time to celebrate my b'day, sent me the nice presents, emailed me, text messaged me and sent sweet greetings via Facebook. I am very blessed to have your friendships!!


Ming Choo said...

Hi Owl Eng,
Happy Belated Birthday...sorry for the late birthday wishes!

Really envy you for having a strong family bonding and good niche of friends.

Luv your blog! Beautiful drawings.
Keep up your good art work! Really very CUTE!!

Ming Choo

Owl Eng said...

Hi Ming Choo,
Thanks for visiting my blog and your wishes!!
Feel free to visit again! ;)
Luv, eng

yoon see said...

Happy belated birthday Owl Eng!!!

Owl Eng said...

Thanks Yoon See ;). love u