IF: Vacant

To most of the people, there's always a vacancy somewhere in the heart, awaiting the best that is yet to come.


linda sarah said...

This is a beautiful image - and lovely words too. And I especially love the owl:-)

yoon see said...

I do agree with linda sarah here. I too heart your owl:)
Btw, how do you come out with your name as Owl Eng. So unique!

INDIGENE said...

Wonderfully original and great mood setting!


Pea said...

very beautiful work !

Owl Eng said...

Hi Linda, Yoon See, Indigene & Pea,
thanks a lot for your lovely comments!!!

Yoon See,
my first name is kwee eng and my ex-school mates have nicknamed me as owl which has become my trademark... so i just combined 'owl' and 'eng'.. ta da.. here comes the owl eng..;)