IF: Wise

Wise is

when we embrace every now and then,
calmly jog thru whatever unhappiness,
smile to it
and let our soul be showered in God's grace and love.


Teri C said...

Wonderful painting and commentary.

studio lolo said...

beautiful art and sentiment :)

Pea said...

Wise words and a beautiful illustration! love the glow on the girl's face !

INDIGENE said...

Beautiful painting and lovely post!


yoon see said...

Inspirational sharing and excellent watercolour piece:)

Hi Owl Eng, I have a quick skim through your blog, congrats you are so talented. You have spent so much quality time exploring new mediums and many variety themes.
They are simply lovely!
Keep up your good work, Owl Eng:)

Owl Eng said...

Thanks all!

Hi Yoon See, thanks for your encouragement!!

Daniel Chaffin said...

I especially like the bottom half of this one. It has a good balance of abstractness... if that's a word. The colors on her clothes work real well together too.