IF: Voices

Positive, love-filled and inspiring voices are the best gifts i have ever received from the loved ones, who are always here,encouraging me to stay faithful to my dreams though right now they might not be accessible.


indigene said...

A beautiful and sensitive post! Peace to you and your family.

carla said...

How wonderfully inspirational! Thank you :)

yoon see said...

Yeah, you have a wonderful heart and high spirit in all things you do!
Don't worry, you are not lonely here. They are a lot of bloggers also taking the same journey like you. Most importantly, continue to work hard & smart. One day, you will certainly reach your destination & achieve your dream.
Thanks for you encouragement too:)
Your voices are most lovely and positive!!!
That's why I love to come back here:)

Sara said...

Nice use of the perspective.

Pea said...

love your take on the topic voices! It is so true that the encouraging words are so important!