Imaginary Revenge

What would an owl usually do to entertain herself when she is being grounded?
Heehee...I know, as a sensible adult, I am too old to come up with such ridiculous
& childish imagination... Even the two mice feel bewildered at this owl's silly giggles.
Sometimes I just cannot help it, but it is actually good to silently vent out frustration in this way and
put the emotion back in balance. ;p
p.s: having suffered from stomachflu these few days, all my taste bugs have gone bland... so really need some brain / visual exercise to spice up my 'imprisoned' life at home...
and i know that i am on the great way to fully recover, hurray!!... meantime, i hate going back to work tomorrow


Teri C said...

fun and giggling is good. this is adorable!!

Pea said...

So cute !

yoon see said...

Take care! You will be well soon.
What a cool imaginary revenge:)

Asja said...

cute illustration!i hope you are fully recovered for flu!
i left you a little award on my blog (the latest post)
take care!

Owl Eng said...

Thanks Yoon See and Asja. i am much better now ;)

Teri & Pea, thanks for your lovely comments ;p

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh Honey, I hope you are feeling better. You illustration is a hoot!!! I'm over here laughing my head off! I love it! HILARIOUS!!

flower girl said...

So sweet and adorable illo! hope you get well soon dear!:)