tender lion

I love spending time with my little niece.
She has the magic to make everybody happy and relaxed.
With her around, even the King of the beasts would become subtle and tender.
Kids always amaze me. They are capable to teleport us into another colourful world where little insignificant objects turn into wonders and our inner child wakes up & have great fun by letting down our hair.


Emily said...

sugar sweet!
I just wanted to say I like your banner!

take care!

Teri C said...

Just fabulous!!!

Alberta and Ava said...

My inner child, who btw, NEVER sleeps absolutely loves your art. In fact, she would love a bedtime story illustrated by you.


Bella Sinclair said...

Oh, yes, definitely! It is such a wonder to see the world through their eyes. Everything old is new again. Beautiful, enchanting painting! I love the little tiny houses. Hmmmm, who lives there?

Owl Eng said...

hi all, thanks for your visits and lovely comments!!

hi Bella, those little houses are for our inner childs!!

yoon see said...

Beauty through the eyes of a child has always been the endless joy & discoveries.
Glad that you show us the great adventure behind:)

Kris-Tea said...

Wow so beautiful piece, love it!

Alex said...

OMG! The Giraffe is AWESOME!! I like it very much, it's so happy!

sara! said...

LOVE this piece Owly. brilliant.

sara! said...

you know what Owly.. I am still captured by this piece, even tho i've seen it more than once!! :) so free and full of joy..