Friday Shoot-out: PAINT THE TOWN RED

Red, red, red...
Let's see in what ways the RED colour has adorned this city:

A puppet in a souvenir store.

Red hot bar.

The trademark windows of Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts of Singapore. Besides yellow and red, they have blue and pink too ;)

It is a tradition for fire engine accesses to have RED!!.

Stain-glass window @ Chijmes. It is a piece of art!

Red + Yellow bridge which has livened up the river and its surrounding buildings.

Asian Fusion Restaurant.

Passionate and cheerful Singa (one of Singapore icons) is here again to promote courtesy.

Red figurines on display @ Robinson Store. Big hot sales is on!!

Love this vignette with red wall. It is kind of cosy here.

Tour boat @ Singapore River.

Stand-by for the party to begins in three hours.

Pond of flowers @ a spa entrance, to greet every visitor/customer.

Potter plants lining up the al-fresco dining area @ Clarke Quay.

Opulent party is awaiting...

one of the Gallery Hotel facades. Isn't it fun to have these cute irregular windows?

an inviting Menu board @ Chijmes.

I like this entrance to a lounge . It is very sensational.

Red hot chandeliers outside a lounge.

Mosaic dining tables @ Clarke Quay. Doubtless to say, the tiny red tiles are going to stimulate the appetite.

Colourful chairs @ one of Clarke Quay restaurants.

Playground at housing areas. Where are all the kids?

Altars @ Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Chinatown.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Chinatown. Red is a must-have hue in every chinese temple.

Red door with red face deity @ Shuang Lin Monastery. This fierce and stern-looking deity is to ward off any evil spirit.


Asja said...

wow! so many wonderful reds!
all of your pictures are amazing, my favorites are 3,4, 8, 11, 14 and 19!

Patty said...

Oh my, I don't think I can pick a favorite except that I like that first restaurant. It is so inviting. Just looking at it is relaxing.

I do love those windows.

The chandelier is gorgeous. I don't think I have ever seen a red chandelier. I like the way you captured it.

This is a virtual cornucopia of red. I love it!

yoon see said...

Wow! You really find time to explore.
They are very beautiful.
Thanks for the cool journey on RED:)

Butler and Bagman said...

Yes, you put some footwork into this one! What an amazing selection of reds. I can't pick favorites either. You are inspiring however.

Gordon said...

Your red seemed to jump out at me. Very interesting! I always enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing.

REDLAN said...

I saw different red things in a different place. They are cute and beautiful. Amazing.

Hijiri said...

I love red and these are really pretty!!! very nice.

Emila Yusof said...

Wow!!! I love all your photos especially those red doors!!

Zaroga said...

Wow! just great photos! You are a great photographer.

Chef E said...

I love everything you posted here! I like the gallery window frames, too cool, and you are a great photographer...

Sarah Lulu said...

Ohhhh I think yours is the best paint the town red blog this week!

I'll see you next week.

Sarah Lulu

Elaine Dale said...

You're surrounded by red! The entrance to the lounge is very intriguing

J9 said...

That red wall, and the gallery hotel are my favorites. I didn't even think of shooting red walls, and I have 2 friends who have red rooms in their homes!

Jama said...

All the familiar red since I'm from Spore too.

sara! said...

like the series! did you really take all those pics in a day???

Kim said...

Smashing! Quite a profusion of creativity-I think you should win first place with your assignment to Paint the Town Red.

It’s fab, fiery and fun!

“I can't really envision a time when I'm not shooting something”.
Martin Scorsese

Owl Eng said...

Hi All, Thanks for your visits and lovely comments.

Sara, not all of them taken in one days. some are pulled from old archive ;P