Friday Shoot-out: Public Transportation


This week assignment did make me scratch my head...

One of the most convenient, reliable and affordable ways to get around Singapore is to take Mass Rapid Transit or MRT . It is very passenger friendly as it is accessible to wheelchair users, families with children in strollers, the visually impaired, as well as those traveling with luggage or large packages.

Another public transportation which has been long existing here is bus.

The free way to get around is on foot... and the troddlers by stroller.

Bicycle is another popular mode on this island. Here, the old lady is making a living collecting and selling unused carton boxes by getting around with her bicycle.


Sarah Lulu said...

I so enjoyed your photos.

I have mine up too.

I have been to Singapore ...1976 I think! I long time ago and I loved it.

Sarah Lulu in Australia

yoon see said...

Great shots Owl Eng!
I really love Singapore, the last time I visit was on 2001.
Thank you, all are so unique thru your cool lens.
I love the last picture a lot.
A profession is never too low....I really admire his passion to life and work just like your passion in making art so beautiful in your OwlEng style!
Happy Friday, Saturday, Sunday and until next IF we meet again!

Owl Eng said...

hi Sarah and Yoon See, thanks for your lovely comments. i personally love the last pic too. Agree with you Yoon See. I like this lady's passion and toughness towards life... I was sitting quite long to observe how she got the cartons loaded up on her bike and how she managed to get her heavy load going... she amazed me!!!

Butler and Bagman said...

Great post! I liked the angles in the subway shots, really captured the feeling of being in the subway car. And the bicycle. So far my bet that everyone will have at least one bicycle in their shoot is holding out.

Bella Sinclair said...

Very cool shots of every day life! Wow, the MRT is really clean! But then, it's Singapore. I should not be surprised. :D

Doreen said...

thanks for the look around Singapore. in the last pic I think Ronald McDonald was helping her. :-)

bookbabie said...

Wonderful series of photos, I've never been there, but then most Americans haven't!

Gordon said...

Great shots, young lady! Thanks for posting.

J9 said...

Thank-you for your post. I liked seeing the MRT and the bus, and of course the bike!

Patty said...

I love your subway shots. Like the angle you shot from.

I also like the guy with the cardboard boxes, and especially Ronald McDonald behind him.

soulbrush said...

what great photos, have seen your name in comments round the blog, came to visit, love your blog.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

WOW Owl Eng, I LOVE your shots!!!!
I love them all but the young couple with the stroller's grabbed me. Sorry I am so long in getting here......I've had a crazy week.
I can't wait to shoot for "Paint The Town Red" next week. That sounds like lots of fun to me.
I'm so happy that you are in our gang. How does it feel to be a gangster, lol.......

Steady On
Reggie Girl