Friday Shoot-out: Water assignment

I love Water's versatility. Sometimes it is quiet, tranquil, crystal clear and becomes a big canvas to take in whatever reflection falling on it. The other time, it dances and is so full of energy, gushing down in form of rains or waterfall, or splashing against the seashores and producing nice rhythms.

I did not go out much after work to snap photos for this week assignment. So most of the photos are pulled from my old photo archive.

A pour in the late afternoon.

Strings of Beads/pearls made of water.

Water makes a nice filter to camera too.

My favourite water - lemonade.

Water is home to dugongs. These two are having whispers in their home sweet home.

One of the lily ponds in Singapore Botanic Garden.

The swan and duck have a vast mirror for themselves to admire their own elegance and beauty.

Fountain in Raffles Hotel. An essential element in this colonial setting.

I personally like this shot a lot because of this little curious girl behind the man-made waterfall which is a big wonder to her.

Tanah Lot in Bali. See how beautifully the water embraces the site for the old temple.

Our rippled shadows on the sand.

Merlion still working at night.

Pond outside Esplanade.

Cooling off and playing in the water.

Salad ingredients being refreshed by the clean water...;)


Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Your intro is just beautiful Owl Eng!!
Your shots are so amazing. The little girl behind the waterfall is mesmerizing......
And I love the elephants cooling off. I can't decide between those two as my favorite? So...I supoose it's a tie :)
Beautiful shoot from a beautiful person my friend.
Hope your weekend is filled with much love, joy and laughter and.....

Steady On
Reggie Girl

REDLAN said...

Great set of photos! You amazed me very much! I love them all! The swan and duck, the fountain, the shadows and the merlion!

deepazartz said...

AMAZING pics!! I loved and share your thoughts and feelings of water, rain & the like. Loved your post!

The swan and duck pic reminded me of my own latest post. Its my illo with my Haiku.

Do visit my blog www.deepazworld.blogspot.com

Have a nice day!

Butler and Bagman said...

Wonderful variety for the eye and mind. I did like the little wide eyed girl a lot and shooting the whateveritwas through the rain splattered glass made me think I'd like to go play with that idea.

Jama said...

We could use more rain, it's simply too hot nowadays.

I see some familiar places here and love every photos.

Gordon said...

I love the shot of the old temple. They all are great!

Jessica said...

All of your photos were so beautiful! As is Singapore. I simply can't pick out a favorite. Though I agree that the little girl and the waterfall was fantastic. :)

yoon see said...

Wow! So many beautiful pieces here.
I particularly like the merlion and your shadow casting down on beach.
These really made a great water set. Hope to see more next week.
Have a fruitful weekend Owl Eng:)

Kim said...

A post full of wonder. Water is such a integrator.

The connections from rain, ocean, the tap and how are whole world needs it is captured quite nicely in your post.

I have got to get to Bali- it looks so mystical.

Patty said...

What a wonderful set of photos.

I love the glass, and nothing is more special than a temple shot. Beautiful.

The shadow photo is super. I love those.

You captured the assignment well, and laid it out in such a creative way. Thanks!

Zaroga said...

Beautiful photos. I enjoyed viewing them. I really liked the girl behind the waterfall too.

Doreen said...

I enjoyed all of your shots of water. I think you covered it all! Really like the shot of water on the window and water with lemon is my fav thing to drink. great post!!

GingerV said...

it has taken me all weekend to make my way through to your Friday shoot-out contribution. AND so glad I am that I made it. very nice intro and your photos tell the complete story.

Gordon said...

My friend, you always amaze me. Great job.

J9 said...

The temple is simply magnificent, and makes me want to hop a flight right now!

sara! said...

i love the salad pic!