One year older or maturer???

My sis is a July baby. From this year on, she has one new family member for her birthday celebration every year. A 4-month baby boy, who loves company and laughing.

Here's the little card for her. Sort of a little family portrait of hers. Even the envelope couldn't get away with my scribbles. ;p

Two little angels and my sis's precious...


yoon see said...

Happy birthday to your sister Owl Eng!
Wow! Congrats and welcome a new baby to your sister's family.
Owl Eng, you are very good at doodling.
You had painted the best birthday present for her, this is truly a heartfelt piece to be treasured over and over again!
Good night Owl Eng!

Duncan said...

Now thats something to treasure - love the detailed envelope and the more milk thought bubble.

Asja said...

a beautiful birthday card for your sister! truly a treasure!

Alex said...

Gorgeous!!!!!!! And happy birthday to your lil sister too!
I'd be so proud to be getting something so artistic from a close family member :)
But damn... these are just so cute!!!!!!!!! ^^ awesome job Owl, and thanks for all your comments

Claudio Cerri said...

Wow, I love your art! See you soon!

Emily said...

so cute! what a delightfull little treasure of a card!