It creeps in again...

(click image to enlarge)

I feel it again.

It jams up my brain. I just feel like doing nothing and let myself fall down... (meantime to get rid of those silly 'burdens')


Asja said...

so many interesting characters in this drawing! i love the pig and i hope the little turtle won't get eaten by crocodiles :)

Kim said...

Breathe. This too will come to an end. The moment changes so quickly! May you feel incredible lightness and peace.

Little turtle must swim very fast to confuse the crocs!

yoon see said...

Lovely characters and you are always a good story teller by looking at your creative illustration Owl Eng!

Thanks but I am feeling so burden with my internet connection here.

Yesterday night and today my computer conked, I tried the 8th time only it got back to normal!
Very slow loading yesterday and today!

Amy C said...

so adorable and so action packed - I hope the turtle is going to be alright!
p.s. there is an award for you on my blog

Alex said...

every once in a while we're facing writer's block situation, it's normal I guess...but if you could come out with something like this while having writer's block, heeyyy... it really doesn't seem like you're having that problem at all :)