Health is everything

My new year resolution.

Without it, I can't really achieve other things else...

(Artwork provided by my 5 yo student)


Asja said...

So true, health is the most important thing in our life! I wish a wonderful, creative , happy and healthy New Year!

My Owl Barn said...

Happy, healthy new year to you too :)

yoon see said...

Yes, I truly agree with you Owl Eng.
I now slow down in so many things but I want to get back my health!

I hope all friends also put health first before anything!

I really doubt when can we turn back the clock...it's only when we realize the health issue, it's too late, just like metaking long time and spend a lot of money to heal:(

I hope you have well rested.
Happy New Year and a healthy n fruitful one ahead dear Owl Eng.

Yeah, I suppose to sleep by now.
Health is everything!