I have to let my stomach rest well... .
I used to take it for granted until the recent gastric pain which was intolerable indeed.
Despite of previous pain attack and instead of taking good care of it, i still paid no attention to it by leaving it at the mercy of anxiety, frustration, stress, irregular meals and lack of rest.
What the doctors and my neighbour shared with me these two days had sent chills down my spine. I have to pray that whatever damage caused to my poor stomach can be undone with God's grace.

(Spotting this cute bicycle when having lunch at a foodcourt near my place two weeks ago. It rested quietly awaiting for its master to return while human beings in the surrounding busily hustled around. Watching it had brought me a great sense of being in in the present and peace)

(Had it captured with new camera under different shutter speeds


amba said...

wonderful photo Owl Eng! the last one is my favorite :)

amba said...

and thank you :')

Alex said...

Resting is good, you take it easy there =)m

Duncan said...

Like the top photo the most. Love the new header.
Take it easy with your tum.

yoon see said...

Hello Owl Eng,
thanks for dropping by and your encouraging comments.
I am like you resting, hope you are feeling better now:)

Love the fact you are always on the go experimenting with your illustration as well as photography too. These three shots are so beautifully captured. Indeed, resting bring us more energy for the next journey.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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kat said...

oh man that bicycle is awesome!

yoon see said...

Owl Eng, I hope you have plenty of sweet and quite time for resting!
Lovely scene, this reminds me of my circling time.
Thank you:)