Blurred artist

This painting had been made quite some time ago for my entry to owl lover project organized by My Owl Barn.

Can you tell why i called the owl artist as blurred artist?

P.S, i have mixed feelings when uploaded this image. it is very different from my current drawing style. i love this change.. and i am very happy about this evolution which just comes naturally...
yet i am still worried about some other things i haven't achieved. will i make it happen?
am i depressed by this rain season?
have i lost my patience?


fleur en fée une max said...

i like verry much all your owls.
You are a lot of talent!

Bella Sinclair said...

Your owl may be blurred, but it is very clear to me: You are a wonderfully and VERY talented artist! I love this joyous and whimsical scene. Your owls are adorable!

Alex said...

So many questions :) But you don't need all the answers right now. What's REAL is that you have strings of fans, and I am definitely one of them. Your art is beautiful, your skills are off the roof and you're super talented.
=) I think that's all you need to know for now right?