Happy Happy everyday


yvGOH said...

saw this somewhere.. thought of you:

Being positive or negative are habits of thoughts that have a very strong influence on life! Happy thoughts attract happy positive people into our lives!

Happy Happy Everyday! Try at least. :)

yoon see said...

Yeah, we must think positive and stay positive always even during the toughest time!

Happy Happy Everyday. It's so go to be back here and taking the sweetest time to enjoy your quote and drawing.

We are not just trying but we are persuing it! Happy happy Owl Eng!

yoon see said...

I like you included the girl on a swing here. Happiness is just like swinging freely on a swing.

Let us swing at a flexi self pace, looking at the world with great joy.

Also, fishing is a good activity. I can recall my childhood outing with my dad to a lake. Observing him fishing to finally getting a fish on the hook was one of the happiest moment for me:)

Thanks for bringing me back Owl Eng!

Just so much I want to say...

Thank you, thank you my dear friend!

Mystery Guy said...

Good picture. It is about happy thoughts I can see. But so much more than meets the eye. Kind of like a misleading perseption. That there is nothing but happiness, but underneath it there is sadness, and pain. Maybe im just looking at this wrong?

genuine_pills said...

errrr, ya but thinking seriously about it, i could have a Hair Loss

Alex said...

Love this "little sketch" =) Always a big fan of B&W stuff, but your colors are irresistable hahahaha

Lauren and Martin said...

These drawings are amazing xx

cash 4 christmas said...

This is a simple drawing with a deep meaning.

Anonymous said...

Really GOOD.
That's enough to describe it.

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Payaso Revolución said...

As a song of my country (Samba's blessing):
"It's better to be happy to be sad
Joy is the best thing that exists
It is like light in the heart [...]"
Blog very beautiful and nice!

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