Therapeutic ways to treat mind busyness and stay grateful

have completed two transformations these weekends. it was a good way of keeping myself from getting too engaged with iphone and facebook.

this was an old medal (10cm x 7.5cm) won in an architectural workshop some years ago.

Using the bread tags saved from breakfasts, newspaper, old carton box, old magazine, gesso and some acrylic, it had been transformed into a small drawing canvas with three tiny houses. Wanting to celebrate the merry life that has always been a great blessing in my houshold, the word 'Merry' had been hand-written in the final stage.

Below was another transformation done this sunday morning. It was a tiny old canvas (4.5cm x 8cm) bought years ago. Still obsessed with little houses, i used the similar materials to play around and added in more things such as beads and stamps. A little phrase that cut out from yoga magazine saying 'Let your happiest moments be the inspiration for changes in the world' was pasted on top. going through the old magazines for inspirational words, making those little houses, cutting and pasting, applying gesso and messing around were great ways of staying away from mind chatters. Amazingly i started counting the blessings in the process. it was really therapeutic!!

Though they appear messy and not really presentable, i really enjoyed the entire process. Letting go of expectations and perceptions is really nourishing.


yvGOH said...

"be thankful for the small things in life."

i really like this, eng. very inspiring. :)

Owl Eng said...

Thanks my buddy. will do more houses on real canvases ;)