It's Friday!!

Today is my day. I feel like a hippo, happily immersing in pool of joy. it's not only because today is friday, it is also because of the closing deal for corporate logo i've designed for my friend's company.
I seldom do logo design and therefore i do not have any relevant portfolio to show my friend and her boss. With our (my hubby's and my) great input of ideas, i have put forth some proposals to them. Initially i thought i might lose the deal due to my quotation being higher than the other designer and my insuficient portfolio. However, after three weeks, they gave me the deal instead. They understand my design philosophy!Today, they have finalised the selection and confirmed with the final design. They even have the namecards printed out with the brand new logo. And, they are going to pay me the design fee too. Hurray!!!
One more thing, my sister's PR application has been approved! Next year, her hubby and her can buy their own house and get settled down finally!


Mui said...

Congratulations! Hope to see more of your creativity all over the places....if I own a business someday, will definitely engaged your creative services.

Owl-eng said...