i was sort of "retrenched" by a yoga centre.
the centre was closed down due to the rising operational cost. So all of us who still have unfinished package are transferred to another yoga centre downtown.
yesterday i was a little unhappy about the staff's oversight. She forgot to help book my first class at the new studio! the marketing rep had actually called me to confirm the booking the day before the class. I had woken up early on saturday morning just to get myself prepared for the class. Yet, i didn't want to just go back home without doing any stretch or breathing exercise. i didn't want to waste my trip. So after requesting the staff to book another class at 10.30am, i had to sit and wait there for another one and a half hour.
Then i told myself not to get too frustrated over such thing i have no control over. To keep myself entertained, i took out my little sketchbook and started to look around the surrounding. The ambience there was quite cosy with sofas and nicely placed cushions. the color combination (beige, brown and red) was nice too. What attracted me the most was the orchids displayed on the side tables. Drawing the beautiful flowers had calmed me a great deal.

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