Skill to be learned

Yesterday my husband has pointed out the reason why i don't enjoy my job. Thanks to him that only now I realise that I have to learn how to communicate my work dissatisfactions to my superior before deciding to tender resignation.


Jes-Tan said...

But sometimes we tender is because of the superior not our work dissatisfaction. Like me, half reason is my superior and the other half is my work getting boring. Now at least i can listen to music and try to find work to occupy me through out the contract. Actually i got a little bit regret to continue to stay on..

Owl-eng said...

mine is really to do work dissatisfaction. mostly to do with the company culture and the work load...too heavy....i just do and do, chase and chase people for interview appts, confirmation appraisals.. here they don't have respect for HR function. ;(. the only time i am relaxed is when i am in the washroom.