Happy 2008

time really flies... 2007 is coming to an end soon.

what have i done in this past year?

so far, have consistently practiced yoga... learned how to relax myself and picked up some stress management skills. have changed a lot of jobs ;p...and getting to know that i am so blessed with unconditional love from my mum, my brother and his lovely wife and my hubby's support & humour, have been promoted to 'auntie' to my very first niece, getting the very first award at work.....so far so good lah.

(and, how could i forget our 1-month vacation in New Zealand? ;) think this is the longest holiday i have ever.)

what are my resolution for this coming year?

still practice yoga.... to be healthy and lively
improve my water color technique and composition
to live like an artist...able to see sparks in the mundane daily life, able to draw out what i see in my mind and feel in my heart.
have more faith and confidence ;)
be good to myself, my hubby, my mum, my brother & sis-in-law, my sis & bro-in-law... and all my friends...

last but not least... wishing all of you a properous year filled with health, wealth, love, joy and happiness!!!!

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