I'm BacK!!

sketching while having breakfast..

hubby and me lying on the beach..

just touched down at 12.30am this morning.. with two luggages half filled with shopping victories, the sweet memories, and my bad flu and sore throat.

during the first four days at Krabi, we spent most of the time at the beach. sketching, playing with stranger kids and little cute kitties, catching little fishes (but failed), watching sunset, swimming, strolling, exploring low-tide areas/swamps.... i had tried to tackle with my fear of heights by attempting to jump down from a cliff point which is 5 metres above the sea level. however, when i got there with a few minor cuts, i just sat down there and cried... it was much higher than we perceived from the seaside. after a few trys, i surrendered to myself and the height phobia, quietly came down to the water and swam back...

At night, the dark blue sky was filled with stars!! it was amazingly beautiful and peaceful looking up at the starry sky while listening to the orchestra played by bugs and waves splashed onto the sand.

the weather was very hot and humid.. but what were most rewarding was the beautiful blue sky and crytal clear sea, the friendly smiles from locals, the appreciation of what God has created for us, the self contentment and the refreshed bodies...;).

Sweet moments spent at Krabi.

A young Caucasian lady staring far at the sea.

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