Award from Yoon See

My blog friend, Yoon See, a talented artist has given me this award!!!
I feel truly honoured. She is always there to inspire and motivate me to keep on drawing with her passion for art and beautiful art works.
Thank you very much, Yoon See, for your love and encouragements!!!
I want to pass this on to:
1) PeazCreationz, for her marvellous art creations which are very inspirational.
2) Jeslin of Jes-Tan, for her sharing with us her passion for travel and life.
3) Lay Ling of My Life Pixelated, for her interesting and amusing stories which always make me laugh. She is gifted in writing!!!
4) Indigene at Mood Swings, for her original and wonderful art works.
5) Yoon See (of course) ;)
6) and...... every blog that i have visited ;)


Pea said...

aww.. so sweet .. Thanks for the award and the kind words.. And congrats on your award ! Hugs and have a nice weekend ! Pea

yoon see said...

Here a tag specially for you^ ^