IF: Pretend

Deserting its own defense for a durian shell, this snail pretends to be a porcupine!!!
Will it survive human's fatal tread? or other predators?
not so sure about it ;)


Heather T. said...

Hermit snails?? ;) Very cute!

Fadas & C.ª said...

Ehehehe! Very funny! Great idea!

Pea said...

cool idea and funny too !!

Elizabeth Parsons said...

very clever!

INDIGENE said...

What a great little tale! I love the color and inking!


David Kow said...

so funny...so smart!!!

yoon see said...

Very original idea:)
Soothing fresh green making the whole piece WOW!!!!
Love your write out too.
So true and funny.
That's the standard the snail wants to keep up.
Good luck....