My journal 12 Apr 2009

Today is Jesus' s Resurrection Day.
I was attending a church service this morning. However, I couldn't have my mind fully concentrated on the messages. All of my thoughts were on the coming trip to Pulau Perhentian two weeks later.
"What will I see during my snorkelling trips?"
"Will our new water-resistant digital cameral work well? "
"What colour of snorkelling equipment will i get from Carrefour later?"
"Is my long thick hair going to look like coral hide-out for the little nemos?"
All sorts of planning & anticipations came to occupy my brain although I pretended to be very hard working taking down Senior Pastor's notes. The journal is the outcome of my 'multi-tasking' in the church. As you can see, the notes is taking up such a small area of the page whilst the rest is for my snorkelling fantasies... Please forgive me, God.

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messyfish said...

ha ha ha ! this is wonderful. I have a busy mind too. I am sure you are forgiven! Lovely snorkel illustration