What to choose?

Time is tickling away and the show is up, yet the little girl cannot decide which role she is playing.
Instead of letting her inner child do so, she goes with her analytical brain which always play tricks on her making her to compare with others...And after which she would remorse why she always ignore taking heed to her instinct.


Teri C said...

You have so many fun things to look at in here. it's great.

Pea said...

she has so many cute things to choose from.:)

yoon see said...

Yeah, great....I wish I could be so lucky like her too...but sometimes to decide on the right one and at the right time also not easy!
I studied Interior Architectural not Architectural.
I will certainly remember you in the future and draw you something cute and cool Owl Eng!
Btway, have you enquired about the watercolour or any art club around your neighbourhood. It's important that you get the support from a club or society.
I know you can go far & creative with art. Just like this illustration, you need to make a decision.....for me I am checking with Emila and I had visited a children publisher's office.
At least, I have a better idea how to get start from there.
The publisher is commisioning Emila to do a children book illustration.
I am learning from Emila:)

Enjoy the view from an illustrated book exhibition and get inspired OK!!!!


Asja said...

very nice work! i made me think about some choices in my life :)

Kris-Tea said...

Interesting and very nice! Mmmm.. I cant choose :)

Amy C said...

this is a really wonderful piece, the composition works so well and I like the red background

sara! said...

Striking colours! Love them.
And interesting story too!

studio lolo said...

I love the style of this illo. The colored foreground over the mainly red background works really well!