My Journal Mar 2009

Time flies... now it's already 1st day of April.
Recently many words ran across my mind, such as
- Art is where my heart is
- Faith of Act: so just simply act, act & act by loosing my self-concentration on fears
- i just want to play and daydream to my heart's content
- i can tap into curiousity for limitless source of inspiration
- Listen to God's Word, instead of taking heed to my inner -ve chatters...blah blah blah...

So i just let go, had fun with my drawing tools & newspaper and layered down whatever positive word coming to my hand. Who cares about the composition rule and how messy it might turn out.

Somehow, it was healing and i got myself totally engaged in this journal making process by losing count of time... marvellous


Teri C said...

It is a fabulous page!! I enjoyed it a lot.

yoon see said...

Me too enjoy your journal page...especially the cool portrait and the puppet in action.
Have a great weekend ahead Owl Eng!

ArtSnark said...

great page!

Are you familiar with Stampington Art Journaling magazine? They are accepting new submissions until April 15 for their next issue.

sara! said...

nice one! yea Owly.. submit your fab creations to some publications! :)

Asja said...

it turned out great! i love work like this!

Pea said...

what a lovely idea to jot down positive words with images in the journal!Its a Inspirational journal!