When there is a drought...

These are what I have done when I do not have anything particular to put inside my sketch book.. ;p

And this quick doodling to jot down some silly ideas.


Duncan said...

Love your owl ideas, particularly the one with his sketch pad, great stuff.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

I love these scribblings as you call them..........the one of the girl in the hat is fantastic!!
I wish that i had that kind of talent. Bellissimo dear Owl Eng!!

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

the last to two post are WONDERFUL and thanks so much for sharing what's inside of your sketch books. I love them!!!! They are fabulous!!!! thanks so much for kind words.

yoon see said...

Sorry to miss this post....It could be I clicked on your most current "I luv sunshine" post and only that post appeared yesterday.
So now, I am here back...He..He..
Love your journal pages.
This time is red:)
The last one is so creative, you have found your owl ways and expressed them so well!
It's like a treasure hunt!

sara! said...

I like them still.. expecially the last one :)