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I love this simple tag which makes a good kick start after my holiday in Malaysia.

The criteria : upload a photo of the recent me and explain why I have chosen to wear this particular garment.

Well, I just came back from the Pulau Perhentian which is well known as diving and snorkelling heaven and famous for its crystal-clear sea. Swimming suit and snorkelling gear were definitely my daily wear, not wanting to let go of any chance to swim alongside those beautiful fish and admire the beautiful coral reefs. I loved being isolated from the mainland and felt secured being wrapped by the sea... The life there is laid-back and the pace is slow which gave me some good space to relax and do nothing at all... The feat I was proud of is I had not been watching TV and playing with computer for 5 days in a row!! What accompany me was my sketch book, the fish, the sea, the wind, the sun and freedom...



Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Okay Owl Eng..........I'm totally jealous of the holiday in Malaysia!! But, WOW on the snapshot!!
Please consider joining us for "Friday Shoot-Outs". We have a great time. The subject this week is architecture. I know it's too late to join this week but what about next Friday??? You take such awesome snaps,
Hit me up at my blog if you'd like to join our "gang" and I'll explain more. Come on.......please??

Steady On
Reggie Girl

yoon see said...

Hi Owl Eng,

Wow! You are so creative with the tag. This is a very unusual one.

Thanks for the surprise!
You always look great and this one is not exeptional!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful holiday photos here. For I haven't been here before, once look at these beautiful snapshots, I do agree with you it's a great privilege to know how to swim.
I am waiting for more sketches from you dear friend.

I have been to Pulau Kapas, Clud Med and Maldives but I didn't even swim. Guess I need to learn swimming now!

Take care and happy labour day.

yoon see said...

I forget to say.
You look photogenic, sweet and natural here:)
I guess you really love taking pictures and being the model of a picture too:)
I really enjoy the shots!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Owl Eng, you must swim faster in order not to be tagged hee he hee! This so sweet! Yoon Seee is one of the sweetest taggers! She is talented and sweet just like you. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog and leaving a message. Thanks so much!

Owl Eng said...

Hi all thanks for your lovely comments!!
Hi Yoon See, i laughed out when reading your comments. i think you're the first friend saying me look photogenic!! i feel very flattered here ;)... Thanks a lot!!

yoon see said...

No, you are.
Why not you see it again.
May be you were so busy into all these waterworld sports....and forget how beautiful you are.
You are naturally photogenic Owl Eng because you smile from your heart....never too much and never too less-this makes it just nice.

Am I the first to comment so, then more great comments await you, I bring all the best luck to you.....
Boleh belanja ke?
I haven't been up to facebook for ages, will go check out your travel photos one by one when I am really free then:)

Amy C said...

wow - what a gorgeous picture in lovely surroundings looks like you had a fun fun time.