IF: Hollow

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While still navigating through the hollowness inside my exhausted mind, i found this piece of image that makes me feel better for a second.


Alex said...

Despite the hollowness, you still manage to find something, and be inspired by something deep under. :)
I think that's where your strength truly lies, the colors of the corals says something I believe. The creatures, animals and activities under the sea... they all mean something, and they all fill up in the meaning department. Love the drawing!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Well you pulled this off without a hitch!! It's beautiful and filled with such delicious detail. It's wonderful! great job.

Yuri said...

your art is so interesting! I like it a lot ^_^

yoon see said...

Very cute take Owl Eng:)
I am smiling! I am always come by to look for positiveness.
A little bit tire, just came back and eating my dinner now!

Asja said...

this is beautiful! a delightful underwater scene, it makes me feel better looking at it, too!

Duncan said...

lovely quirky scene, really like the turtle and the mini-sub.