Mousy Jeslin

My good friend, Jeslin likes everything about mouse which is her Chinese horoscope. While we were still colleagues in the previous company, my favourite break away from the work routine was doodle some mousy cartoon characters on her post IT, recycled paper, note book and table calendar. Most of the drawings were done at her work station. There were themes for each drawings; about her anticipated vacations, her dinner date with her hubby, her work, what she would do on a rainy day, our friendship and favourite hang out spot during lunch breaks…etc. She liked the drawings so much that she had nearly all of them pinned on her cubicle notice board. ;)
Jeslin enjoys being outdoor, together with her beloved hubby. Hence, this drawing was to depict their favourite pastime spent with their friends who share their same passion on nature. It was made just before we both left our previous job posts, and had been uploaded as her desktop wall paper.

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