Krabi 2005

Sketches of seashells collected from Krabi beach.

Boat repaint at Sunrise Tropical Resort where we stayed for 6 days 5 nights.

Phranang Cave Beach- sun tan paradise

Natives selling grilled corns, doughnuts and fruits to tourists.

Little pond at our suite balcony.

How I wish we can go to Krabi again after knowing my friend is going to visit there this coming Saturday.

We had been Krabi in Dec 2005 and staying at Sunrise Tropical Resort for six days five nights. The hotel staffs were very friendly. The suite was fabulous with an outdoor shower space. I liked the quiet mornings when there were only few people strolling on the beach and some staff repainting the hotel boats. Time had seemingly slowed down and tranquillity was in the air. After having breakfast, we usually walked to Phranang Cave Beach which is 20-minutes from the resort. There is long stretch of white fine sandy beach ahead where you can easily find a strategic spot for sun tan. The beach is quite remote and quiet. No shops around there. Only one exclusive 6-star resort is located there which is heavily guarded. Our favourite place was just opposite the small rocky island (as shown in the sketch). We ever walked across the sea to that island during the low tide period. But beware, the rocky sea base can hurt your feet a great deal, as if you have gone through one session of foot reflexology. Apart from swimming or just simply immersing ourselves in the cool water, we also had MP3 player and some books accompanying us while lazing on the beach. Listening to the waves beating the shore and people watching were great too.

Food was within easy access as there were some hawkers around selling grilled corns, don nuts, curry puffs, drinks and fruits. Therefore hanging around there for entire day certainly posed no problem for most of us at such convenience. Whereas our dinners were mostly Tom Yum seafood soup with steamed rice, green curry, sweet & sour fish, spicy fried squids..yummy...what a sumptuous meal! My mouth is watering now. That wonderful holiday at Krabi was really unforgettable and enjoyable one. ;) Jeslin, can i tag along? please..... I can be your porter FOC. ;p

These are the sketches done in Koh Samui in year 2006.

Pool at Tiara Resort at Koh Samui, where we had swum, played water ball and lazed around for 2 days.

Making a living under the hot sun on the beach.

Hotel staff doing daily maintenance.

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