My Dream Kitchen

Few pre-requisites for my dream kitchen:
(i )It must be on the top floor, with seamless glass roof over the food preparation counter. The sun-drenched veggies and fruits will look amazingly seductive and appetizing.
(ii) It must also have wide span of windows overlooking the spectacular view of the sea and surrounding greenery.
Then, I will have a long sturdy wooden table for entertaining and drawing. How wonderful it is to eat, chat or draw under the sky!
(iii) There'll be rooms for my couch and shelves to house my favourite books and collections of owl figurines. When i am tired of reading, i can just enjoy the play of shadows cast by the colourful empty bottles on the tiled floor, countertop and brickwall. Or, watching the birds hovering across my glass roof (no bird faeces pleassssssssssssssssse).

And, I know this will be my fantastic dream kitchen ...though i do not know how to cook..ha

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