Our real dharma

"...... is to know the truth of your inner Self." - Swami Muktananda


Mui said...

Seems that NZ is THE Special place in your heart. New York, Cape Town, Hobart, I always discovered something new about a place, about myself. A journey is not always about right decision from the start. Meeting the wrong kind of people, taking the wrong bus, ended at the wrong destination can make you discover your inner self. So, be happy to travel along and you might find yourself strolling along cobbled streets in quaint little town, in big cities, on snow alps. Happy travelling!

Owl-eng said...

Hi Mui, thanks for sharing your insight. ;)
I was in dilemma that day when i had this posted.I lost my focus and didn't know what to choose between licensing job and hr....
Now i am back to hr again. somewhere around Bendemeer. Hope i can fit into the new environment and work processes soon. ;)