i start a new sketchbook!

To break through the bottle neck instead of sitting there await the inspiration spark knock on my head, i had bought my new sketchbook bought from Art Friend -hardbound 212 pages, slightly bigger than A5.
Have begun to filled in the first 3 pages with the following drawings:

Imaginative drawing on a little girl who is eager to leave her ivory tower for the real world. yet her mother couldn't just let her go. Wanting to know her girl's whereabout and ensure her safety, she had cut a hole into her daughter's toy bear's paw so that the saw dust would fall on the track wherever they go. Hence, the mother would not lose her eyes on her beloved girl.

there're new members at the swan lake, Singapore Botanic Garden - huge sculpture of 5 swans ready to soar into the vast sky.
Also, there's new building near the entrance gate, which accomodates info centre, food court, library and function halls. two young ladies were engaged in changing clothes and photo taking (probably for their projects).

quick sketches of stray cat near my place in the evening. this cat must have been very hungry as he kept meowing and pestering me. After finding out i was without food, he just gave up and he spent at least 20 mins to make himself neat and presentable awaiting for the feeding lady's arrival. He is very particular about his grooming which made me feel embarassed that his hair is much neater than mine =p

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