Time flies...

This is the greeting card made for the birth of my baby niece last september (with drawing copied from HOME written by Anita Kaushal). The right one is the recent photo taken while she was having bath. Does she look like the baby in the card?
She is turning 1 year old tomorrow!! We had have her b'day celebration last fri. According to their hokkien tradition, the baby has to select one of the items on the floor as shown below, as an indicator to what trade she will be involved in after she grows up. We expected her to pick up the drumstick.. but...guess what... she chose the $10 money note!!! she is going to be a millionaire..LOL.

See how happy she was to receive gold jewelleries as her gifts from her maternal grandma and uncle...a young rich lady now ;) I did not give her card this year. instead, i bought her pink dress with little cute jacket.

My good friend's birthday is coming too... on this wednesday. this is the hand made card given to her for her last year birthday...Happy Birthday to you, Jeslin.

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